About Us

We are not alone. One of the great attractions for many people about Fiskens is the all encompassing nature of our service. We do not just sell cars, we advise clients on every aspect of owning and maintaining their historic cars.

It is a personal service and is one of the contributing reasons why Fiskens maintain such strong client relationships. For example, our close relationship with the organisers of important events allows us to help an owner and their family enjoy using their car throughout the year and all over the world. Other relationships include, but are not restricted to:

Transport: Both the value and the delicate nature of historic automobiles means that transporting historic cars is no small undertaking. Trust is a key issue: trusting that the car will be loaded properly, trust that they will be cared for once they have left our premise, trust that the correct paperwork is always adhered to. From local transport to international, cross border shipping and air freight, Fiskens has an unparalleled relationship with suitable transport operators, most notably CARS UK, a name synonymous with professionalism and efficiency within this industry.

Historians: each and every significant car has its own story to tell. Quite often, over the years, these stories have become enlarged, warped or distorted, and through our relationships with leading marque historians, we separate the wheat from the chaff and comprehensively discover the true history of a car. With each marque there is an associated specialist with whom we will work, including Keith Bluemel for Ferrari, Clare Hay for Bentley, Simon Moore for Alfa Romeo, David Sewell for Bugatti and Adolfo Orsi for Maserati. These are just a handful with whom we work on a regular basis.

Modern Photography: with the rise in popularity of the digital camera and smartphone, it seems as though everybody is a photographer! However, we understand that it is incredibly hard to photograph a car well and it is a discipline we respect. We work closely with Tim Scott of Fluid Images, and with each and every car we represent, discuss with him the best way of capturing that car on camera. This allows us to represent every car we have in the best possible light.

Historic Photography: as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and hunting down photographs of cars from period is a vitally important part of identifying its past and preserving the cars for the future. There are only a few specialists with well documented, significant photo libraries and Fiskens knows and works alongside each and every one of them. Clients, some of whom have owned their cars for many years, are often surprised that we can turn up hitherto unknown photos.

Restorers: It is often hard to know who to entrust an important historic automobile because, quite often, work that is done badly cannot be undone (indeed, we always prefer working with those who prefer preservation over complete restoration). For many, this trial and error system of maintenance and restoration is a costly and emotional undertaking. As we talk to many people about their experience on a regular basis, we have been able to define, through recommendations and also by entrusting our own projects, who the best specialists are for each marque and their specialist skill sets.