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Fiskens is seeking consignments

22 October 2020

Fiskens is seeking consignments

A note from Gregor

With Goodwood Speed Week just behind us and the evenings drawing in, we’ve begun to reflect with gratitude for the major concours and race meetings of the year held despite the challenging public-health situation – and we applaud the courage of the tireless organisers and volunteers behind them. The continued appetite for the enjoyment of motoring in a year with its share of troubled skies has seen our team conclude some outstanding public and private sales in recent weeks, meaning we’re now actively seeking consignments – proud that Fiskens remains where the world’s greatest cars come to be sold.

Recent months have only confirmed the home truth that a flight to quality soon replaces the froth of speculation in uncertain times, and that the very best cars have continued to stand up strongly in today’s market. We’ve never apologised at Fiskens for offering the very best cars, those that remain sound investments and coveted objects of desire through thick and thin. We've recently helped our sellers close full-value deals, and guided our purchasers to refuse lesser things in favour of the very best.

In a year that tested the mettle of many businesses, we’re also grateful – and never take for granted – that Fiskens’ tailored, highly personal approach to sales has continued to deliver results. We’ve made markets in great cars for nearly thirty years, honing our trade to perfection. Against the uncertainty of the auctionroom, ours remains an almost craftsman-like approach, leveraging our stylish marketing and network of friends, clients and contacts to make deals happen, all from our famous and historic South Kensington mews premises in central London.

While we don’t anticipate 2021 to be quite business as usual, we are already beginning to assemble a fabulous new collection – anticipating launch at France’s Retromobile in February or, if Paris is postponed or cancelled, then certainly for launch in London in a manner that befits the occasion. If you want to sell your car well in 2021, with the help of our team, our craft and our legendary showroom, please get in touch for a confidential consultation on +44(0)207 584 3503 or email


A selection of the world's finest cars sold by Fiskens this year

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