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Zagato's Zagato

09 May 2019

Zagato's Zagato

One of the most intensely admired cars, and offered publicly for the first time, our friend Sam Hancock took this very special Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato down to Goodwood for your viewing pleasure.

Chassis 0181 is one of just 19 Aston Martin DB4 GT cars that is clothed in the infamous Zagato coachwork. Furthermore, of those 19, only seven were left-hand drive examples, of which this is one. 0181, being special for both its body type and left-hand drive configuration is rendered even more special by the fact that it was made for and purchased by Dr Elio Zagato, son of the Zagato company’s founder. Elio specified a number of unique features... watch the film to find out more!

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