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1949 Maserati 4CLT - Ex-Giuseppe Farina & Scuderia Milan

- Chassis No. 1602 (one of the final 1st series) was delivered by the works to Giuseppe Farina on 15th June 1949 
- Driven to 1st place by Farina at the BRDC International Trophy & Grand Prix de Lausanne in 1949
- Reworked to Chassis No. 1612 by Scuderia Milan for the 1950 season
- Campaigned throughout Europe in 1950 & 1951 with appearances at Grand Prix d'Albi, Gran Premio d'Italia & Grand Prix de I'ACF 
Raced in 1952 by Felice 'II Pirata' Bonetto & Nello Pagani in Argentina
- Available for the first time following forty years of continuous ownership