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1905 Star Gordon Bennett Racer

One of the most significant early British racing cars, this 70HP Star was built to compete in the 1905 Gordon Bennett Cup. Powered by a 10,168cc engine and capable of speeds in excess of 100mph, this magnificent car is cast in the same historic mould as the famous 60HP Mecredes.

Of the dozens of cars specifically built to uphold national prestige in the Gordon Bennett Cup, only few remain. Of the few survivors, most are in the prominent custody of major motor museums, and several are too frail to run again. The 70HP Star is unique as it is in fully running condition.

Discovered in the collection of a wealthy Maharajah in Rajasthan in 1971, the Star was later returned to the UK and has recently been subject to a highly extensive restoration by specialists Paul Grist.

This ground-breaking Star presents a rare opportunity to acquire one of the most iconic and significant Veteran racers.