1932 Invicta 4.5 Litre Low-Chassis S-Type
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1932 Invicta 4.5 Litre Low-Chassis S-Type

Chassis no: S106

Challenging the more established marques with its innovation and design, the 4-½-litre low-chassis S-Type Invicta is regarded by many as one of the great pre-war sportscars. Its thoroughbred chassis was designed by Reid Railton, the powerhouse behind Malcolm Campbell’s Bluebird land speed record cars, who created a frame that was under-slung at the rear and swept up over the front axle. Add the huge levels of torque produced by the 4.5-litre Meadows engine and it is no surprise that this is such a highly regarded car.

From Brooklands to the Alps, the low-chassis S-Type achieved success in all manner of motorsport and was piloted by notable drivers such as Raymond Mays, Sammy Davis and Donald Healey, who steered the car to outright victory in the 1931 Monte Carlo Rally.

Built to a standard comparable with Bentley and Rolls Royce, only a handful of low-chassis S-Types have been lost to history, with approximately 68 of the 75 built still accountable for. This example (chassis S106) was first registered in February 1932. Its Carbodies Tourer coachwork was fitted in the 1980s and has developed a charming patina without the loss of quality or finish. Though not original to this car, the famously durable Meadows engine is an Invicta unit that operates in typical brand fashion and runs beautifully.

A recent inspection by marque specialist David Ayre showed S106 to be in excellent mechanical condition. Indeed, Ayre concluded: “Overall this car cannot be faulted for the way it performs on the road.”

A fabulously styled machine that has been described as a ‘traditional British sports car at its best’, the swooping side-mounted spare wheel, low profile and touring body make this Invicta a superb vintage vehicle.